Hobart's Premier Dog Boarding Kennel & Cattery - Shelomith, Tasmania.


There is a lot of EXPECTATION when you board your pet - and our plans are to exceed your expectations!  We'll do that through feeding premium quality food (we use and recommend Australia's premium dog food ADVANCE), providing comfortable sleeping quarters AND by giving lots of individual attention to each and every boarder.  All our staff members are committed to their job - and to be honest - you wouldn't work the hours we do 7 days a week if you weren't totally in love with what you are doing.  

We say a bad day in the kennels and cattery is better than a bad day in the office!!! 

We need see proof of your pets vaccination, and with dogs this needs to include the kennel cough vaccine.  Although dogs can still contract kennel cough once vaccinated, the symptons are less severe than in unvaccinated dogs.

We always encourage owners to bring something your pet is familiar with - whatever you do - don't wash the blankets you bring out - it kinda defeats the purpose!  Don't forget it is your pets holiday so bring everything you think will make his stay enjoyable.  What is a great idea is to label all your pets items prior to boarding day, this will make it easier for us to round everything up on check out day.

We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. 

We still have so much to do outside of those hours we are very strict in enforcing them.

The kennels and cattery are open for inspection each day between 1pm and 3pm (except school holidays, public holidays and long weekends), please come out and have a look.  We are very proud of our facilities and would love to show them to you.

If you have any questions I would love to answer them for you, give me a ring on 03 6248 5283.

Best regards,

Dean Quinlivan, Milan Tumpach and the Shelomith staff.

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